How To Clean Tupperware Stains

How To Clean Tupperware Stains
Tupperware is one of the most useful products in the kitchen but they have a problem of developing stains very easily. If you do not know how to clean Tupperware stains easily, you are surely going to have a very tough time. You wouldn’t like to use them until the stains are removed and removing the stains shall become a huge concern for you. Here are some tips for cleaning Tupperware stains which you will surely find very useful.

Baking soda – This is one of those products which can be used to remove the stains with very less effort. You just need to sprinkle the soda in the container and wipe it slowly with a moist cloth or towel. You will see the stains disappearing very soon.

Lemon juice – There are many stains which we refer to as ‘stubborn’, since we cannot get rid of them easily. Lemon juice works well to remove these stains. You just need to squeeze fresh lemon juice on the stained area of the container and then place it in the sun. You will notice that the stain is slowly dissolving in the juice. When you rinse it in warm water, you will find that the stain has completely disappeared from the Tupperware. Lemon juice helps to remove some undesirable odors too which might exist in the container.

 White vinegar – This is one of the oldest methods to remove stains from containers. White vinegar is known to be one of the best stain removers and is considered to be safer than several commercial products. You can mix white vinegar with warm water and then leave it on the stain for around an hour. After one hour you can rinse the container. You will love to see the stain disappearing in no time. If you still find that the stain is not removed or has just lightened a bit, you can add some baking soda with white vinegar and try to remove the stains. You will surely be successful in not only removing the stains but in also getting rid of some unwanted odors.

Salt – You can also use milk powder with some iodized salt as a scrub to remove stains from Tupperware. You can dissolve the salt in some lukewarm water and then use a very soft cloth or a wipe and scrub it slowly on the stained area. It is best to keep the Tupperware soaked in the solution for an hour to get the maximum benefits. However, you have to remember that you don’t rub the Tupperware too harshly as it shall damage the container.


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